Pregnancy & Pediatrics

 Pregnancy – Chiropractic is an essential component of pregnancy and the growth of a healthy nervous system. With all of the changes that the expecting mother’s body goes through, chiropractic care helps to balance out and relieve the stress and strain on the body over the course of her pregnancy.

 Newborn – The process of birth can be traumatic to a newborn’s body. As the body is compressed and contorted or pulled while passing through the birth canal, it can cause misalignments in the growing spine. This can cause things like Acid Reflux, Colic, Ear Infections and many other issues. Chiropractic care for newborns is very gentle and we only use light pressure to help guide bones back into proper motion.

 Pediatric – The body of a growing child goes through more bumps and bruises than our adult bodies do. From learning to walk to playing little league football and gymnastics. Children are constantly testing the limits of their bodies and with each test is the potential for the spine to become misaligned. That misalignment when left alone causes an interference in the nervous system and will eventually lead to degeneration.  Chiropractic Care for children can help with

✓ Acid Reflux,
✓ ADD,
✓ Allergies,

✓ Asthma,
✓ Bed Wetting,
✓ Ear Infections
and so much more.

Pregnancy & Pediatrics