Dr. Whitley worked as a construction worker and a laboratory technician while attending Oklahoma State University from 2008-2012. He graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and moved back to Tulsa Oklahoma in the summer of 2012. After graduation, he worked in construction while pursuing a career in laboratory fieldwork when he was injured on the job. It seemed that the only solution offered by conventional medicine was to take pain medications until the body was either familiar to the pain or until surgery was ultimately needed. He had never been a fan of taking medication and saw it as more of a bandaid to a deeper problem. His dad suggested that he see a chiropractor to which he was extremely skeptical because the only thing that he had ever heard from friends and the public was that it was a way to make you feel better but it wasn’t a long term fix. He went his first time and immediately felt relief but it was on the second visit that he learned that there was an abundance of science and logic behind the Chiropractic Adjustment. He learned that the spine was more than just a set of structural bones but rather a housing unit for life itself. He found himself in Dallas attending Parker University and graduated in April 2016. Shortly after he began working in Oklahoma and opened the Hennessey and Edmond locations of our office in January 2017. Since then he has been working to spreading the truth of the bodies amazing ability to heal itself through the power of the chiropractic adjustment.

Massage Therapy

Stefanie’s passion is the need to help people, which prompted her career in massage. Stefanie graduated from Integrated Massage Therapy College and has years of experience, and she couldn’t be more proud of her career. Her specialties include Swedish, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, Pre-Natal, Sports, and specializing treatments for each client’s medical needs, including migraine relief, TMJ complications, and hip pain. Stefanie’s other passions in life include spending time with her daughter, photographing the outdoors, traveling, acting, modeling, animals and spending time with friends.


Justin is a Nationally Board Certified Acupuncturist and a Licenced Massage Therapist in the State of Oklahoma. He started his journey in the holistic healing arts from his hometown of Elk City, Ok. Growing up in western Oklahoma and Colorado Springs, CO during elementary and middle school he was involved in Boys Scouts and loved all things outdoors, hiking, biking, camping and backpacking. When Justin’s dad, Jeff, completed his training in Massage Therapy in Colorado, they moved back to Elk City, where Jeff began his Massage business and Justin went to high school. After high school, Justin attended Oklahoma State University in Stillwater and received his Bachelors in Physiology with a Minor in Biology. With initial aspirations for medical school, he decided to pursue a more holistic route and moved to Austin, TX enrolling in a Graduate program for Traditional Chinese Medicine. He received his Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 2010 and became NCCAOM certified for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine shortly after and returned to Elk City to practice Acupuncture in his dad’s clinic. In 2018 Justin went back to school for Massage Therapy, got his Massage license in Oklahoma and began working at Oklahoma Chiropractic Group as an Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist. Justin has 2 boys who he loves to hang out within his free time and he still loves the mountains, backpacking and anything outdoors. Come see Justin for a drug free approach for all your aches, pains, and other ailments. Stay Natural. Stay Healthy.